At Civiltech, we recognize the importance of having a positive impact on the people affected by our projects. While we strive to ensure our projects improve the quality of life in our clients’ communities, we also look for opportunities to give back through volunteer services. As a company, Civiltech staff participate in a number of company-sponsored volunteer activities and utilize our company’s Volunteer Time Off policy, providing time for our team to give of their time.

This year, in honor of Civiltech’s 35th anniversary, we engaged in a year-long initiative called 35 Signs of Kindness. While much of the initiative tracked staff’s individual volunteer activities, we also continued and expanded on our full company biannual clean ups.


Civiltech has not only provided engineering services on many projects along Quentin Road in Lake County, our team also works to keep it clean! Since 2014, Civiltech has participated in the County’s Adopt-A-Highway program. Twice a year, Civiltech staff head to Kildeer to pick up trash along our adopted stretch of Quentin. Participants sport reflective vests, work gloves, and orange garbage bags, and remove trash along a mile and a half of right of way on this busy roadway.

Pitch in for the Parks

Since 2022, Civiltech staff volunteer twice a year in the citywide park clean-up initiative called Pitch In for the Parks (PIFTP), sponsored by the Chicago Parks Foundation. Between June and October, teams select the days they want to volunteer and a park to clean up.

The Civiltech team has chosen Heritage Green Park in the Near West Community, a 1.06-acre active community park. The park is a lovely urban green space that features a sculpture called “Grainne” by the Irish artist Maurice Harron. The sculpture was installed in 2007 commemorating the City of Galway and Chicago’s historical relationship with Ireland.

Adopt-A-Bike Path

In 2023, Civiltech added the Schaumburg Adopt-A-Bike-Path program to our company volunteer opportunities. Teams pick up trash on the bike path along National Parkway from American Lane to Higgins Road. Civiltech chose this path since National Parkway is a road we know well. We have provided Preliminary, Design, and Construction Engineering services on many improvement projects along the Parkway and for the Village.

Contributing to the Transportation Network

These programs are especially meaningful to Civiltech, as they align with and complement our work providing planning and engineering services for all components of the transportation network, including roadways and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Through these volunteer programs, we help keep a busy roadway, pedestrian-friendly park, and local bike path well-maintained, attractive, and environmentally friendly.