Civiltech’s Anmol Shrivastava, P.E., PTOE, RSP, recently completed the Institute of Transportation Engineer’s (ITE) LeadershipITE 2022 program. Through this program, ITE strives to build a base of high-level transportation professional leaders who will shape the future of transportation policy, design, planning, and implementation.

Anmol was one of 20 participants nationwide. During the first quarter of the year, Anmol and the other participants took part in four sessions covering leadership, self-awareness, communication skills, personal branding and networking, and delivering effective and memorable presentations.

In January, participants working in teams gave Shark Tank-style presentations on select topics. Anmol’s group pitched a plan for planners and data scientists to get involved with ITE at the undergraduate level and shared the vision of a more diverse ITE membership going beyond the traditional transportation engineers. The second half of the program included five sessions dedicated to building management skills. On August 2, at the ITE Annual Meeting, Anmol, together with the Class of 2022 enjoyed a graduation ceremony.

Civiltech congratulates Anmol on this achievement, and we have enjoyed following his progress over the course of the program. Anmol shared some of the highpoints of his experience.

Which session or activity did you enjoy the most or find most meaningful/beneficial?

My favorite activity was the goal setting exercise. It gave me an opportunity to think about my plans and what I want to do in the future. Additionally, the group presentation was a fun experience and my group did a great job. I enjoyed seeing how our team’s work, including presentation and deliverables, came together.

Is there a particular leadership or professional skill that you feel was enhanced by your participation in the program?

I felt that a strength of the program was helping us understand how to build our leadership skills through learning about ourselves and through understanding others. Specifically for me, I felt that my skills of self-awareness, understanding and empowering others, communication, and networking were enhanced.

Was there something you learned from the program that was unexpected?

One concept of building leadership skills that I had not previously considered was the importance of “Curiosity”, specifically learning about curiosity and how it can help communication and leadership skills. As leaders, we have the opportunity to influence and empower other lives around us if we are just curious.

Are you glad you participated the program, and did you find it beneficial overall?

I am glad that I participated in this program and found it very beneficial. I am excited to utilize all the knowledge I have gained and connections I have made to grow both professionally and personally. I will be a huge proponent of the LeaderhsipITE program for years to come and look forward to applying skills I’ve learned in leadership roles in the transportation industry and ITE.