Kristen Hahn, P.E., PTOE

Project Manager

Kristen’s favorite words at work are equity and data. She believes that public space must be safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of a person’s home address, mode of transportation, or physical and financial abilities. And she loves finding new data analysis and mapping tools to make informed decisions or streamline project tracking. Kristen has completed pedestrian studies, neighborhood traffic studies, traffic signal designs, ADA analysis, and a variety of special projects with careful consideration for the most vulnerable people on the roads and sidewalks. She led a city-wide effort to assess pavement condition in Chicago, and her team helps clients plan future resurfacing work by mapping city streets according to a data-based priority score. She works with clients and software developers to identify project tracking needs and plan for future IT development. Kristen’s project and data management skills have reduced costs and improved turnaround times on thousands of surveys each year for neighborhood infrastructure projects in Chicago.

Fun fact: When Kristen isn’t designing for the public, she is entertaining them! Kristen plays trombone, performing with local community bands.