As the Jackson Park Transportation Improvements project transitions from design into construction, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) was interested in creating an informational video to illustrate the project in a presentation that would be easily understood by the general public. CDOT reached out to Civiltech and the C*NECT team for assistance. The goal was to ensure that, while explaining the design and engineering of the project, the video would also capture the vision and aspiration of the Obama Foundation in the planning of the Obama Presidential Center project.

The Civiltech team embarked on an exciting collaborative effort. CAD Technician and Drone Pilot, Ernest Williams, captured the compelling drone footage used throughout the video. The drone footage dramatically illustrates the beauty of the site, the existing conditions, and the connectivity of the site to neighboring communities and downtown Chicago.

Civiltech Transportation Planner, Josie Willman, and Phase I Engineer, Tom McGillicuddy, provided the graphic design creating the basis of the presentation. Their work included the base maps that help diagram overall design elements.

Jen Hyman, P.E., a Civiltech Phase I Project Manager, was instrumental in writing the script. She brings a strong working knowledge of the complex project from her work on the three federal processes required to achieve the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) which marked the end of the projects federal review allowing it to move forward. The video also showcases Jen’s outstanding communication skills as she provided the narration and voice over. Read more about the federal review process.

Civiltech and the C*NECT team are grateful to CDOT for entrusting us with the development of this exciting communication tool as well as the engineering work we’ve been tasked with on this landmark project. We look forward to watching the project become a reality as it moves the construction phase.