Jennifer Hyman, P.E., has been named Director of Environmental and Design Studies. Jen has been employed with Civiltech since November, 2011. .

In her previous role as Project Manager, Jen has brought strong leadership skills to Civiltech’s most complex Phase I projects including the Jackson Park Mobility Project/Obama Presidential Center and the North DuSable Lake Shore Drive (NDLSD) Phase I Study. For both of these high-profile projects, Jen’s role as the primary representative leading the multi-layered federal review process played a key part in reaching federal approval for the Jackson Park project in 2021, and continued forward progress for the NDLSD Phase I Study.

Among many other projects Jen has worked on throughout her career, she has also contributed to the Phase I Studies for projects that recently completed construction, including the Lake Cook Road reconstruction project in the Villages of Buffalo Grove and Wheeling and the North York Road/Harger Road Underpass and Intersection Improvement in the Village of Oak Brook. Each of these were recently awarded 2023 Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA) in their respective categories.

Another recent accomplishment was the completion of the Illinois Road & Transportation Builders Association (IRTBA) 2022 Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). In August 2021, Jen was selected to the program which recognizes emerging leaders from member firms and is designed to provide these exceptional individuals with additional growth and educational opportunities within the industry. The year-long program offers participants the opportunity to interact with established industry leaders and network with fellow ELP classmates with an overarching goal of advancing and promoting the future of the transportation industry.

Jen is a stellar role model for young women engineers and students. Through her alma mater, Purdue University, she has provided mentoring for young women interested in engineering. Jen has presented her experiences to high school junior women considering engineering as a major at the Juniors Exploring Engineering Program (JEEP) and at the Seniors Exploring Engineering (SEE) program, both of which are part of Purdue’s Women in Engineering Program (WIEP).

Jen continues to develop strong relationships with clients with whom she has worked while looking for opportunities to engage with clients that are new to her. She has successfully led and managed large and complex projects that were often herculean, doing so with an organized, transparent approach, with confidence and poise, and while raising three daughters. Jen is an asset not only to Civiltech, but to the transportation industry, bringing outstanding engineering, advocacy and client service, and doing so with a friendly demeanor and big smile.

Civiltech congratulates Jen on this new role. We look forward to continuing and growing our outstanding Phase I services through her leadership, dedication, and meaningful contribution as Director.