October is National Pedestrian Safety Month. The goal of which is to increase awareness around pedestrian safety and remind drivers to watch for pedestrians each and every time they are behind the wheel.

Civiltech’s design work on Chicago Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) High Crash Corridor project along State Street in Chicago, was showcased on the ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) website as a 2021 project that increases emphasis on pedestrian safety. CDOT’s pedestrian improvement projects are part of Chicago’s ongoing Vision Zero Action Plan. Read more here.

As part of Civiltech’s On-Call Pedestrian Project for CDOT, our team designed paint and post bump-outs along State Street in the River North neighborhood which is considered a high crash corridor. The bump-outs are designed to shorten pedestrian crossing distances and to decrease turning radii to encourage the slowing of vehicles. A paint and post bump-out is designed with paint and flexible delineators (a type of flexible bollard or post) which make them inexpensive and allow for quick installation. The project is considered “rapid delivery” due to the ability to install them quickly after design. These bump-outs are intended as an intermediate solution to improve pedestrian safety at an intersection until a more permanent installation can be completed. This project was also unique as it also included the installation of hardened centerlines and rubber bumps at key intersections along the corridor to help delineate the left turning vehicle path.

Civiltech is grateful to our client, CDOT, for trusting us with this program and to ITE for including us in their Pedestrian Safety Month project recognition. We are proud of the project’s success, of seeing it used as a role model for other rapid delivery projects, and for the opportunity to provide similar designs for the City of Milwaukee!