Steve Pautsch, P.E. PTOE

Project Manager

Steve is a Project Manager in Civiltech’s Urban Design and Traffic department. He has recently returned to our offices after serving as a full-time consultant to CDOT, providing them with expert traffic engineering assistance, consultation, design, and review services in the development and design of vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure improvements. Some of his responsibilities included conducting various types of traffic studies and presenting the results to city staff and elected officials, reviewing plans and studies submitted to the department, designing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements, testifying at Plan Commission and other public meetings, and assisting with the development of department standards and policies. He brings extensive traffic engineering experience flavored with a Complete Streets design approach to our team.

Fun fact: Steve’s talents aren’t limited to transportation engineering. He’s a musician too! Steve has a number of musical instruments including a trombone, piano, ukulele, harmonica, accordion, and tuba all of which he can play (with varying degrees of proficiency).