Village of Bensenville

IL Route 83 Bike Path
Foster to Bryn Mawr

Completing a Gap within the Bensenville Bike Plan.

Civiltech provided Phase II design engineering services to the Village of Bensenville for the construction of a shared-use path along IL Route 83. The improvement is a key link in the Village’s Bicycle Plan. Civiltech assisted Bensenville and secured Federal funding through the CMAQ program. Civiltech also performed Phase I, Structural Engineering, and all required permitting.

Creating Community Connectivity

Busse Road (IL Route 83) had six lanes of high-speed traffic without any pedestrian or bicycle accommodations. The improvement included a half mile of shared-use path constructed within the Busse Road (IL Route 83) IDOT right of way. The shared-use path provides the Village of Bensenville with bicycle connectivity to the I-390 corridor and its’ pedestrian links to various land uses, and ultimately the Busse Woods Forest Preserve and other regional destinations.

Designing to Solve Complex Challenges

The placement of the new bike way had to address poor soil conditions, a major IL Route 83 roadside drainage ditch and the presence of four high-pressure petroleum pipelines. This required replacing the existing shoulder along Busse Road (IL Route 83) with curb and gutter to maximize space and minimize the cut above the pipelines. Coordination with the pipeline companies resulted in potholing during both Phase I and Phase II to confirm detailed location information and ensure safe construction that met the pipeline companies’ requirements.

Structural Design Components

Busse Road crosses an unnamed creek via a 6-foot by 6-foot box culvert. The improvement required the removal of the previous 15-foot long, 1974 culvert extension and the construction of a 22-foot log culvert extension to accommodate the embankment widening for the path construction.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Full service delivery
  • Shared-use path design
  • CMAQ funding
  • Regional connectivity
  • Designing for soil conditions
  • Culvert extension design
  • Wing wall design

Scope of Services

  • Roadway and Highway Design
  • Coordination and Public Involvement
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Project Development Report
  • Roadside Barrier Warrant Analysis
  • Bikeway and and Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Culvert and Bridge Hydraulic Design
  • Structural Box Culvert Design
  • Land Acquisition

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