Tony Rossi

CAD Manager

Tony is Civiltech’s CAD Manager overseeing the operation of the engineering production software. Tony develops, configures, maintains, and supports Civiltech’s standards and practices as well as managing all of the CAD installations across the company. He provides critical tech support to the engineering team with user training and CAD program assistance and troubleshooting. Tony partners with all of Civiltech’s professional service departments and serves as a liaison between engineering software needs and our IT group.

Fun fact: By day, Tony keeps Civiltech’s CAD programs sizzling. But after hours, it’s all about the grill! Tony loves to grill and doesn’t let an Illinois winter get in his way. He continues to master his craft by watching shows on grilling or barbecuing. And, the culinary interests don’t stop at the grill! Tony also enjoys bourbons and hosts an annual summer bourbon tasting.