Civiltech is proud of our successes securing funding for our clients. Our team has secured millions in funding dollars for communities through various county, state, and federal grant sources. We work to stay up to date on potential opportunities, and work with our clients to maximize all available funding.

The funding application season runs from the second half of one calendar year through the first half of the next calendar year. Over the past year, we have added to our total of funding dollars secured with the following:

Civiltech secured Surface Transportation Program–Local (STP-L) funding for the City of North Chicago for the Argonne Drive corridor improvements.  After securing federal dollars in the program for the Phase II Engineering in amounts to $1,340,000, Civiltech submitted the project for construction and construction engineering and was successful in securing $11,282,000.  The project will increase safety and improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility for the corridor by reassigning the lanes to provide one through lane, buffered bike lanes, and a dedicated parking lane.  Sidewalks gaps will be filled to provide a continuous corridor for pedestrians.

Civiltech also assisted the Village of Barrington in securing STP-L funds in the amount of $261,500 for Phase II engineering for the reconstruction of Hillside Avenue and assisted the City of Naperville in securing $6,450,000 for the 248th Avenue Improvements.

Civiltech was successful in securing Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding for the City of Highland Park’s Flashing LED stop signs and crosswalks at the intersection of Central Avenue and First Street in the amount of $125,100.  Civiltech also assisted in securing $874,800 in HSIP funding for the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways’s traffic signal modernization at the intersection of Arlington Heights Road and Hintz Road. This project includes increased left turn offsets on the Arlington Heights Road approaches and accessible pedestrian countdown signals, crosswalks, and ADA compliant ramps.

Civiltech assisted the City of Joliet in securing Rebuild Downtowns and Main Streets funding for the City Square Project.  This funding is being used to support projects that will revitalize commercial hubs, beautify and modernize downtowns, address infrastructure, boost jobs, and improve the quality of life.  The City received $3,000,000 in funding.

Civiltech is thrilled that from spring 2022 through fall of 2022, we helped secure a total of $21,994,200 for our clients through HSIP, STP-Local, and Rebuild Downtowns and Main Streets programs. With a new funding application upon us, we are gearing up for the next STP–Shared Fund and CMAQ/TAP – L. the Call for Projects is coming this month, January 2023.