Jon Vana, P.E.

President and Director of Design Services

Jon is Civiltech’s President and Director of Design Services. He specializes in the design of roadways, highways, municipal infrastructure, and civil site development. He is highly engaged at the project level with our talented design engineering staff. Jon serves as senior project manager for the design of highway and expressway projects, as well as provides municipal engineering services for local street and utility infrastructure projects. In addition, Jon provides quality management services for all of Civiltech’s design engineering projects and possesses extensive knowledge of the Federal-aid process for the design of transportation projects, which results in cost effective and timely implementation of projects.

Fun fact: Jon discovered his career path young! Jon’s roots as a civil engineer began when he attended Conant High School and volunteered at a local municipality’s engineering department as part of the Learning through Community Action Program. While he knew he was interested in engineering in general, that experience confirmed that Civil Engineering was the path he would take.