In This Together | How Civiltech is Adapting to the New Normal

Here we are in Phase 3 Recovery, soon to enter Phase 4 Revitalization in the Restore Illinois Plan to safely reopen our state. The only thing we all know for sure is that we are all in unprecedented territory. The events of the last 10-12 weeks have created uncertainty (ask anyone trying to plan an event), disappointment (ask a parent of a graduating senior), and at times, fear (ask anyone with health issues or elderly parents). But at Civiltech, we also recognize the many positives that have come as a result of this great unplug.

Empty desks at the Itasca office as employees work remotely during COVID.

Nimbleness and Flexibility

Demonstrating our ability to adapt, Civiltech’s staff quickly and seamlessly mobilized their remote work stations in anticipation of the mandatory closing. As a company, we were ready to roll when the Governor announced the first shut down. Our robust technology and flexibility allowed us to continue to advance our client’s initiatives and meet their needs, while our teams moved into home offices, dining rooms, spare bedrooms, and basements.

Responsiveness and Energy

Civiltech met our client’s needs despite the remote working conditions. Project deadlines were met. Client needs were responded to. Proposals were submitted. And, our construction engineering team continued to report to job sites, with strong safety precautions in place, to ensure that construction projects remained on schedule.

Camaraderie and Community

Utilizing virtual meeting platforms, Civiltech not only engaged in multi-faceted business meetings and conference calls, but we ensured camaraderie and team spirit was intact through virtual team calls and happy hours. We also utilized our intranet platform, The Roundabout, to post staff updates, including business updates, educational and industry interest, and social and entertainment info.

Jacque Henrikson moves into her new workspace.


With staff working remotely, we were able to smoothly move our Chicago office into its new digs on the 32nd floor of 30 North LaSalle. Masked and socially distanced, a small team of hearty souls made the move with minimal disruption to the Chicago-based team. When the Chicago office staff returns to business as usual, they will be returning to a beautiful new office space that will facilitate productivity and collaboration.

Priorities and Work-Life Balance

This event has allowed our staff to pause momentarily, unplug, and refocus on family and community. Our staff has proven creative and resourceful in balancing the needs of our company with the needs of our families. We have excelled in creative ways to educate and entertain our children and ourselves. We have gamed and created. We have caught up on streamed TV series and movies. We have increased our workouts and have eaten too much. We have supported local business and have enjoyed the comfort of just being home.

Currently, we join the rest of Illinois in working within Phase 3. As such, our office staff is divided into two teams who will report on different days if they choose to work on site in one of our offices. At this point however, reporting to an office is voluntary, and our staff are welcome to work where they are most comfortable and productive.

In these uncertain times, no one has a crystal ball. But, as the state continues its phased reopening and despite future outlooks, Civiltech has proven our ability to adapt while remaining responsive and productive. We work as a strong team of professionals with our client’s needs in our sites and our families at our sides.