Village of Addison

Addison Road Water Main Replacement

Replacing Water Main along a Commercial and Residential Street

Civiltech provided Phase II Design and Phase III Construction Engineering services on this project that replaced approximately 3,100 feet of water main along Addison Road and 400 feet of water main along Oak Street in the Village of Addison. The water main along Addison Road was replaced with a 12-inch ductile iron pipe, the water main along Oak Street was replaced with a 6-inch ductile iron pipe, and the existing water main was capped and abandoned.

A Busy Road and Significant Number of Service Connections

Addison Road is a 4-lane roadway within the limits of the project with one signalized intersection present at Green Meadows Drive. Land use includes a mix of residential, commercial, and apartment complex properties along the project, and the project included a significant number of service connections that needed to be reestablished.

Design to Minimize Traffic Inconveniences

Due to the presence of a significant number of utilities in the parkway, most of the water main alignment along Addison Road needed to be placed within the limits of the roadway. The alignment was designed to avoid valve placement in the wheel path and minimize traffic inconveniences due to the construction.

Additional Considerations

A DuPage County permit was required for placement of water main within the limits of County right of way. Directional drilling was utilized at one location to install the water main under the Salt Creek Tributary roadway culvert and to avoid surface work within floodway.

Phase III Stakeholder Coordination

The Resident Engineer carefully coordinated with local businesses and agencies keeping them updated on the project status and work items that directly affected access to their properties. The team also worked to keep the Village’s emergency forces updated on project activity.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Water main replacement
  • Coordination of service connections
  • Water main placement within roadway limits
  • Minimizing traffic inconveniences
  • DuPage County permitting
  • Directional drilling
  • Emergency forces communication
  • Stakeholder coordination

Scope of Services

  • Preparation of Contract Plans, Specifications & Estimates
  • Watermain Design
  • Roadway Patching and Resurfacing
  • County and IEPA Permitting
  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction Management


  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Local

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