­Village of Libertyville and Libertyville Township

Rockland Road Phase I Studies

Including Rockland Road over Des Plaines River Bridge Rehabilitation

Two Jurisdictions – One Stretch of Road Recognizing a Project’s Significance

The Village of Libertyville and the Libertyville Township Highway Department were planning the reconstruction of 1.4 miles of Rockland Road between IL Route 21 (Milwaukee Avenue) and St. Mary’s Road. The Des Plaines River lies at the approximate mid-point of the project with the Village jurisdiction to the west and the Township jurisdiction to the east linking the 2 sections of the project. The bridge over the river was studied in a separate Phase I project.

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Within the Village Jurisdiction

Rockland Road is a two-lane major collector street that carries approximately 6,000 vehicles per day, and is signalized at the west and east terminus intersections. ­ The Village jurisdiction is an urban cross-section with curb and gutter and an enclosed drainage system. Resurfacing projects over the past few decades have resulted in the concrete gutter being overlaid resulting in only an inch or two of curb height remaining. The roadway will be reconstructed in place as the pavement has reached the end of its design life. A new storm sewer trunk line will drain the roadway as well as provide relief for a residential stormwater flooding problem toward the west end of the project. In addition, the project will replace an aging water main trunk line.

Within the Township Jurisdiction

The existing roadway is a tree-lined 24-foot paved rural cross-section drained by open ditches and swales. It has also reached the end of its design life. Over the years, there have been resident requests for better pedestrian and cyclist access to the Des Plaines River Trail which runs north-south along the east side of the river through the Des Plaines River Greenway, a Lake County Forest Preserve facility, and crosses Rockland Road at-grade with a mid-block marked crosswalk. Several alternatives were evaluated including a shared-use path, wider bicycle-friendly shoulders, and an urban cross-section with curb and gutter and bike lanes. As a result of technical analyses and feedback received at a neighborhood meeting facilitated by Civiltech, and due to the limited right of way, the Township chose to construct four-foot bike-friendly shoulders as part of the proposed improvement.

But What About the Bridge?

The Rockland Road Bridge over the Des Plaines River is a three-span prestressed concrete deck (PPC) deck beam bridge with a steel truss façade that is jointly maintained by the Village of Libertyville and Libertyville Township. ­The existing bridge is a 150-ft long by 33-ft wide and was constructed in 1989. The floor beams, stringers and grid flooring were removed and supplemental structural steel had been added to widen the truss bridge allowing it to sit over the wider PPC deck beam bridge. ­ The truss bridge was originally constructed in 1921 over the Kaskaskia River at Vandalia, Illinois. In 1962, the bridge was dismantled, transported and re-erected in Libertyville to carry Rockland Road over Des Plaines River.

Deficiencies and a Replacement

As part of a separate Phase I project, Civiltech performed an in-depth inspection of the bridge and determined the PPC deck beam superstructure to be in poor condition due to deterioration observed in a few of the exterior deck beams. Other significant deficiencies included the severely corroded bottom chords of the trusses and the deteriorated pedestrian railing. Civiltech prepared a Bridge Condition Report (BCR) that described the condition of the bridge and recommend a scope of work for the bridge. Because the PPC deck beam superstructure cannot be economically repaired and will continue to deteriorate, the recommended scope of work was a complete bridge replacement. ­ The replacement bridge was proposed to be a 3-span 27″ PPC I-Beam bridge approximately 174′ long and 48′ wide.

During an inspection in February of 2018, the bottom chord was determined to have lost a significant amount of section, resulting in the tress posing an undue safety hazard. The truss was consequently removed in March of 2018.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • One road, 2 jurisdictions, and a bridge
  • New storm sewer trunk line
  • Water main trunk line replacement
  • Shared use path design
  • Bicycle friendly shoulders

Scope of Services

Roadway Project
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  • Geometric Studies
  • Public and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Project Development Report (PDR)
  • Interagency Coordination
Bridge Project
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Bridge Condition Report Preparation
  • Bridge Load Rating
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses
  • Environmental Permitting

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