Lake County Division of Transportation

14th Street Reconstruction
IL Route 131 to Jackson Street

Recognizing a Project’s Significance

Sometimes a roadway reconstruction project is more significant to a community than just improved vehicle travel and surface conditions. 14th Street in Lake County, which is part of the boundary between North Chicago and Waukegan, is an example of such a project. In its existing state as a busy arterial road with minimal pedestrian facilities, 14th Street separated neighborhoods and obstructed the mobility of people who depend on walking, biking, and transit as their primary means of transportation. Civiltech listened to the community and coordinated with all stakeholders to ensure that the 14th Street reconstruction provided improvements to connect users, increase safety, and revitalize the area.

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Designing for the Community

To clearly understand the community’s needs and build consensus for design solutions, Civiltech worked closely with several different stakeholder groups. The project involved agency coordination with the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT), the City of Waukegan, the City of North Chicago, the Lake County Forest Preserve District, as well as various utility companies. However, input from community groups including business owners and residents was critical to provide solutions for all users. Special consideration was given to lower income households and a new retirement housing development, all of which are dependent on safe pedestrian facilities and convenient access to transit. In addition to improved transit, bike, and pedestrian safety, the design of this major arterial roadway needed to respect and enhance vehicular mobility.

A Road Diet and a Roundabout

To improve safety and increase mobility, the 14th Street design included a road diet which involved narrowing the existing street to three 12-foot lanes, with the center lane providing a shared turn lane. Additional improvements included new curb and gutter and a 3-foot paved shoulder. Traffic signal modifications were included at three intersections, however, the all-way stop intersection at 14th Street and Dugdale Road was replaced with a single lane roundabout to improve safety, decrease vehicle delay, and add an aesthetically pleasing feature.

Improving Transit, Bike, and Pedestrian Safety

14th Street previously had limited pedestrian facilities with intermittent sidewalks in poor condition. Civiltech’s design included a 10-foot shared-use path on the north side of 14th Street and a new 5-foot sidewalk on the south side. Pedestrian safety was improved at intersections with new crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands designed to shorten crossing distances. Transit access was greatly improved with the installation of many new bus stop facilities along the length of the project to accommodate PACE users. Pedestrian and transit access as well as safety was enhanced with new lighting along the length of the project.

The new shared-use path benefits local community members in addition to regional cyclists. Local users now have connection to Novak-King Elementary School, the Robert McClory Bike Path, and the Greenbelt Forest Preserve. Regional cyclists now have access to the Lake County Bikeways and other regional paths throughout the County.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Road diet
  • Roundabout design
  • Mobility and safety improvements for all modes of transportation
  • Shared-use path and new sidewalk
  • Improved crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands
  • New bus stop pads and shelters for PACE users
  • Local and regional connection to Lake County Bikeways
  • New curb and gutter
  • Traffic signal modifications
  • Improved lighting
  • ADA compliance

Scope of Services

  • Project Development Report
  • Interagency coordination
  • Public/stakeholder involvement
  • Traffic analysis/Crash analysis
  • 4(f) evaluation
  • Roadway and highway design
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facility design
  • Traffic signal and signal system design
  • Drainage design
  • Lighting design


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