Village of Schaumburg

Woodfield Road Improvement Projects

Meacham Road to Martingale Road and Martingale Road to I-290/IL Route 53 East Frontage Road

A Heavily Traveled Corridor

Woodfield Road between Meacham Road and the frontage roads to I-290/IL Route 53 is a heavily traveled corridor that runs through the center of a large and busy regional retail area. Not only does it provide access to many of the bustling shopping centers, but it is a major east-west corridor through this dense area of retail, entertainment, and corporate business facilities. Woodfield Road provides access to I-290/IL Route 53 and is one of few locations offering access under the expressway and connecting Schaumburg to the neighboring Busse Woods Forest Preserve and other communities to the east.

Creating Much Needed Capacity

The existing pavement had deteriorated to a point where reconstruction was necessary.  While pavement reconstruction is a main component of the project, with the heavy traffic created by the access drives of many retail facilities, creating additional capacity and improving traffic flow were two of the greatest challenges.

This Project Incorporated the Following:

  • Increased capacity with extra turn lanes
  • New traffic signal interconnect system for six intersections
  •  New roadway lighting system
  • Safe connection to the forest preserve
  • Utility coordination and relocation
  • ADA compliance

Scope of Services

  • Street Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
  • Bikeway and Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Drainage Design

Phase II Services

Civiltech’s Phase II services included plans for the removal and replacement of the existing pavement on these two connected Federally funded projects. Additional capacity will be provided to the frontage roads by adding a second right turn lane and left turn lane on the west frontage road and by adding a dedicated left turn lane on the east frontage road. Design plans were prepared for the replacement of the traffic signal systems at six intersections, modifications at one intersection, and the installation of a traffic signal interconnect system. A new roadway lighting system was also designed.

Developing Safe Bicycle Facilities

The Woodfield Road project included reconstructing approximately 4,400 feet of bike path to remedy that situation and provided safe bike facilities along the corridor as well as easy access to the Forest Preserve. Civiltech’s design included designing safer bike and pedestrian crossings.

Easing Utility Coordination

Civiltech performed extensive coordination with the utility companies within the project limits. The Woodfield Road right of way is a major corridor for the utility companies, including ComEd, NICOR, and several fiber communication companies. Design revisions were performed where feasible to minimize the impacts. When modifications were not possible, Civiltech worked with the utility companies to develop a relocation plan that met the needs of the project.

Anticipating the Challenge of Construction

One of the largest challenges the project faces is performing the needed construction work within such a heavily traveled and often congested corridor. Civiltech provided staging plans for the high traffic commercial entrances along the corridor in an effort to ensure that shoppers would find easy access in and out of the major retail areas, including a bike detour plan for use during construction of the path.

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