Illinois Department of Transportation

U.S. 20 (Lake Street) at
IL Route 59 (Sutton Road)

A Multi-faceted Construction Project

Civiltech provided Phase III Construction Engineering services for this substantial roadway and interchange reconstruction project. The project includes the construction of a new north-bound IL 59 to east-bound U.S. 20 ramp, modification and improvements to the existing ramp junctions and medians, construction of a shared-use path and sidewalk, and construction of retaining and noise walls. Additional scope items include bridge deck resurfacing, drainage improvements, erosion and sediment control, soil bearing determination, interchange lighting, traffic signal modernization, pavement markings, aesthetic landscaping, and protection of sensitive environmental areas during construction.

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Multiple Stages of Maintenance of Traffic

The greatest challenge of this improvement was staging the heavy traffic that regularly passes through the interchange. Multiple stages of Maintenance of Traffic were required to complete the work while allowing the flow of vehicles to the greatest degree possible. Having multiple stages was beneficial in addressing utility conflicts and unforeseen circumstances. The contractor and our Resident Engineer were able to modify the stages and the timing of construction tasks to allow the opportunity to address conflicts without negatively impacting the schedule.

Design Aesthetics and Landscaping

Defining features on this project included the careful construction and aesthetics of the noise walls. The wall designs had to be adjusted multiple times to accommodate underground facilities. Upon completion however, the walls were well constructed and included an attractive stone-look finish on paned precast concrete panels. The project was beautifully landscaped as well, with over 2,000 vines along the noise walls, over 160 trees and 200 shrubs, and a segmented block wall also installed by the landscape contractor.

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Coordination and Communication

Civiltech’s Resident Engineer carefully coordinated with the local businesses and agencies keeping them updated on the project status and work items that directly affect access to their facilities. Scheduling the traffic switches in conjunction with arterial road and driveway access using as much advance notice as possible has been the top priority. Civiltech worked to keep the municipalities and their emergency forces updated on project activity resulting in a safe and smoothly run improvement.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Multi-staged maintenance of traffic
  • Shared-use path and sidewalk
  • Aesthetically pleasing retaining and noise walls
  • Bridge deck resurfacing using a new type of overlay material
  • Drainage improvements
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Soil bearing determination
  • Interchange lighting
  • Traffic signal modernization
  • Pavement markings
  • Aesthetic landscaping
  • Protection of sensitive environmental areas during construction

Scope of Services

  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • Construction layout
  • Bridge Construction Inspection
  • Construction Documentation
  • Coordination and Public Involvement
  • Interagency Coordination
  • QC/QA Material Testing

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