Village of Villa Park

Villa Park Grant Assistance

Providing Guidance to Prioritize Projects

The Village of Villa Park requested network-wide guidance on prioritizing roadway projects to pursue for grant funding. Civiltech utilized their expertise in grants, data, and spatial analytics to help the Village achieve these goals and develop a roadmap for grant writing applications.

Determining Need and Appropriate Grants

To help the Village prioritize projects for grants, Civiltech created scores for each roadway segment in Villa Park based on categories, including: destination connectivity, pedestrian and bicycle mobility, safety, pavement condition, Village priority, demographics, and transit. Civiltech also provided a spreadsheet of various grants and indicated which categories could help a project score highest based on the application criteria.


Identifying Project Candidates

The results helped the Village to identify roadway segments and corridors that would score well on various grant funding opportunities, prioritize which grant opportunities and roadway projects to pursue based on community need and safety, and provide supporting documentation in grant applications. The scores were determined based on a model built in GIS with local, regional, State, and national datasets.


Utilizing the Deliverables

As grant opportunities are announced, the Village will be able to use the final deliverables to identify projects that may be under the radar, but of high need and applicable to the grant requirements. The results can also be used as a starting point to determine potential funding sources for future corridor improvements. Civiltech carefully documented the process so that the Village could replicate the model in the future with updated datasets and changing community priorities.


This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Network-wide guidance
  • Prioritizing projects
  • Pursuit of grant funding
  • Scoring roadway segments
  • Identifying grant funding opportunities

Scope of Services

  • Grant Expertise
  • Data Analysis
  • GIS