Chicago Department of Transportation

Vision Zero: Year One
High Crash Corridor Improvements

A Vision Zero City

Over the past several years, the Vision Zero movement has been making its way across Europe and into North America in response to the over 40,000 people who are killed each year in traffic related crashes. The goal of Vision Zero is to create streets that are safe spaces for all users. In 2016, the City of Chicago committed to join the 30+ American cities and become a Vision Zero City. The goal of Chicago’s initiative is to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injury crashes within the city by the year 2026. In 2017, they released a Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan for the years 2017-2019. This action plan included goals and timelines for proposed improvements to help move towards the ultimate goal of zero fatalities.

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Civiltech Brings Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements

Civiltech was retained to analyze and design improvements tailored to five corridors that CDOT had determined would benefit from traffic calming and pedestrian improvements. The five corridors include:

  • Ashland Avenue – 59th Street to 69th Street
  • Western Avenue – Irving Park Road to Lawrence Avenue
  • North Avenue – Austin Avenue to Laramie Avenue
  • Chicago Avenue – Central Avenue to Latrobe Avenue
  • Halsted Street – 79th Street to 75th Street

Safe, Convenient Travel and Access

The Civiltech team brings a deep understanding of a Complete Streets approach to design, the spirit of the Vision Zero program, and how they both are realized with on-the-ground improvements. The proposed improvements within these corridors include pedestrian refuge islands, curb extensions, parking lane lines, and necessary striping and signage upgrades. Close coordination with CDOT staff has been crucial to the success of these projects. Civiltech is honored to be part of such an important City initiative and strives to provide our holistic engineering and planning multimodal perspective to these important projects.

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This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Strong working knowledge of Vision Zero goals
  • Close coordination with CDOT staff
  • Complete Streets design approach
  • Intersection configurations
  • Curb extensions and pedestrian refuge islands
  • ADA improvements

Scope of Services

  • Crash Analysis
  • Traffic Calming
  • Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Preparation of Contract Plans, Specifications, and Estimate

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