City of Evanston

Church Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

Overcoming Barriers to Improve Connectivity.

Civiltech is completing a Phase I study to provide comfortable on and off-street bicycle and pedestrian accommodations linking destinations within Evanston. Church Street is a key route within Evanston, linking a number of recreational, institutional, and commercial destinations between the Central Business District and the Skokie city limits. 

Creating a Comfortable and Continuous Biking Facility

While there are facilities for people biking on much of Church Street, lack of dedicated facilities west of Dodge Avenue creates a stressful experience for those choosing to ride their bicycles on that segment. Additionally, there is a gap in Evanston’s off-street trail network along the east side of the North Shore Channel between Harbert Park and Beck Park. When this missing link is provided, the north-south pathway will become continuous between Green Bay  Road and Oakton Street. 

Obstacles to Overcome

Civiltech is assisting the City to overcome a number of hurdles to successfully implement this project. Challenges along Church Street include limited roadway width, on-street parking, mature parkway trees, and varying contexts throughout the corridor. Along the north-south corridor, additional obstacles include identifying a path alignment in a constrained area where streets are not continuous and  where there is limited space between school district property and the North Shore  Channel embankment. 

Determining Impacts – Wetland Delineation

A wetland delineation was conducted for the entire project area and findings were documented in a Wetland Delineation Report in accordance with United States Army Corps methodology and the Metropolitan Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Management Watershed Ordinance. Waters of the U.S. within the project study area will not be impacted by project improvements.

Conducting a Tree Survey 

A tree survey was conducted for trees in the right of way along the south side of Church Street from McDaniel Avenue to Wildkit Drive. The tree survey was performed using the direct count method outlined in the IDOT BDE Manual Chapter 26 Special Environmental Analyses § 26-17.06.

Utilizing Stakeholder Feedback

Civiltech has coordinated an extensive hybrid virtual and in-person public involvement campaign to gain input from an Advisory Committee, two school districts, and other community stakeholders. This feedback is being synthesized to develop a plan for safe and comfortable bicycle and pedestrian facilities that overcome these barriers.  At the same time, this project is being designed to be affordable, constructible, and to obtain Design Approval from IDOT. 

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Bicycle network connectivity

  • Dedicated bike facilities

  • Bike path alignment in constrained areas

  • Hybrid virtual public involvement

  • Affordable and constructible design

Scope of Services

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Alternate Analysis

  • Bikeway and Pedestrian Facility Design

  • Coordination and Public Involvement

  • Interagency Coordination

  • Project Development Report

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