Village of Wilmette

U.S. Route 41 (Skokie Boulevard) and Lake Avenue Intersection Improvement

Providing Pedestrian Safety Enhancements

The U.S. Route 41 (Skokie Boulevard) and Lake Avenue Intersection Improvement project provides pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection as well as along U.S. Route 41. Civiltech’s Phase I team provided design and environmental study services to improve the pedestrian access at the intersection which was identified as a barrier in public feedback and in the Village’s Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan.  

Modification Alternatives for Improved Pedestrian Safety

The Phase I work investigated alternatives to enhance pedestrian safety at the intersection and included a number of design components. The existing corner islands on at the northwest and southeast corner will be removed.  The corner turning radii at all four corners will be modified and reduced to provide additional pedestrian staging areas at the corners and shorter pedestrian crossing distances.  The traffic signal at the intersection will be modernized due to the removal of the corner islands. The crosswalk at all legs of the intersection will be modified. Lake Avenue will also be resurfaced to improve pavement conditions.

A New Shared-Use Path

A shared-use path was also part of the project design and will be constructed along the west side of U.S. Route 41 from Lake Avenue to the Edens Plaza signal. At the traffic signal, the shared-used path will cross to the east side of U.S. Route 41 and continue north to Illinois Road. At Illinois Road, the shared-use path will curve east and continue to Sprucewood Lane.

Improving Community Connectivity

The proposed shared-use path will provide connections to Edens Plaza and Skokie Valley Baptist Church and will connect to future routes along Lake Avenue and Illinois Road identified in the Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan. These include future connections to Loyola Academy, Marie Murphy Junior High, Avoca Park, and North Branch Trail. 

Safe and Creative Public Engagement 

The Village and Civiltech Team engaged the public in various ways.  The public engagement started during the pandemic and Civiltech used many ways to engage the public including holding an outdoor Public Information Meeting and virtual meetings to accomplish the goals of receiving feedback from the public.  

Funding and Design

Civiltech assisted the Village in securing STP-L and ITEP funding for the project. The Phase I work is completed, and Civiltech is moving the project forward with Phase II Design Engineering services.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Addressing a community’s bike and active transportation plan

  • Design alternatives analysis

  • Pedestrian safety improvements

  • Intersection operational improvements

  • Stakeholder and public involvement

  • Improving community connectivity

Scope of Services

  • Intersection Design Studies
  • Bikeway and Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Alternate Analysis
  • Coordination and Public Involvement
  • ADA Ramp Design


  • STP-L

  • ITEP