City of North Chicago

Argonne Drive Phase I Study

A Federal-aid Roadway Reconstruction 

Civiltech is providing Phase I Engineering on the Argonne Drive reconstruction from IL Route 131 (Green Bay Road) to IL Route 137 (Sheridan Road), a federal-aid project that includes lane reassignment. The two lanes in each direction will become one through lane, a buffered bike lane, and dedicated parking lane. At the side streets, left turn lanes will be constructed within the wide median.

Improving Corridor Aesthetics and Bicycle Facilities

The on-street buffered bike lanes will connect IL Route 131 to the Robert McClory Bike Path. The reconstructed sidewalks will fill in the sidewalk gaps along the corridor. East of Jackson Street, a landscaped median will be constructed, extending the corridor continuity from IL Route 131 to IL Route 137. Also, the improvement includes corridor lighting.

Increasing Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety

Intersection improvements address safety and operational deficiencies. The Argonne Drive/IL Route 131 intersection will be improved to provide pedestrian accommodations along all legs of the intersection, as well as dedicated turn lanes. At Lewis Avenue, the improved left turn offset will give drivers better intersection sight distance. At Broadway Avenue, Argonne Drive will be realigned to intersect at a 60-degree angle improving the intersection safety.

Multi-Agency and Public Coordination

This project was processed through IDOT-Local Roads and required coordination with several IDOT Bureaus, Lake County Division of Transportation, and Lake County Council of Mayors. A Public Information Meeting was held in order to inform the public of the improvement and solicit public comment.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Lane reassignment

  • Buffered bike lanes

  • Dedicated parking lanes

  • Bike facility connectivity

  • Landscaped medians

  • Filling sidewalk gaps

  • Upgraded corridor lighting

  • Intersection improvements

  • Intersection realignment

  • IDOT BLRS processing

Scope of Services

  • Roadway and Highway Design

  • Project Development Report

  • Intersection Design Studies

  • Public Information Meeting

  • Traffic Analysis


  • STP-L