Village of Schaumburg

Motorola Campus Redevelopment

A Convergence of Land Planning, Private Development, and Transportation Engineering

The former Motorola Campus is located on the northwest quadrant of I-90 and Meacham Road in the Village of Schaumburg. The 322-acre site is undergoing an exciting redevelopment that is to include residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities. Civiltech was initially retained to redevelop the intersection and a short length of roadway as an access to the development located at the northwest corner of the site on Algonquin Road. As planning by both the Village and the developer expanded and evolved, so did Civiltech’s role. The Village’s land planner produced the 90 North District/West Regulatory Framework Plan and Civiltech concurrently provided design services for the entire length of the roadway that is the main collector through the overall development.

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Providing Flexible and Responsible Service

The roadway, called Progress Parkway, was designed on a new alignment through the site. Civiltech needed to be flexible and responsive, meeting with the developer monthly to discuss roadway alignment and access points for the network of minor collector and local streets that were being considered. In addition to the design of the roadway and potential intersections, Civiltech provided lighting and drainage design the length of the parkway. Civiltech’s plans included a new traffic signal and intersection modifications to the Algonquin Road and Progress Parkway intersection which required an IDOT permit. And while Civiltech was not responsible for utilities, careful coordination with the utilities design consultant was necessary, including the installation of a large cast-in-place dual cell box culvert that was designed to cross under Progress Parkway replacing two decaying arc pipes as part of a new storm sewer design.

Evolving Services

As the overall project evolved, Civiltech’s role continued to grow. Since the site is predicted to generate large volumes of traffic, Civiltech was retained by the Village to review the developer’s traffic studies and provide recommended improvements to the layout and sizing of the internal roadways, access points, and adjacent off-site roadway network. This involved internal staff meetings with the land planning consultant in addition to meetings with the developer and IDOT. Throughout that process, Civiltech provided suggestions and prepared sketches to communicate recommended improvements

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Tackling Unique Challenges

With unique projects come unique challenges. Since the site had previously been a privately owned corporate business campus, it had many unforeseen existing conditions that had to be addressed during design engineering. Also, demolition of existing facilities was occurring at the same time as road construction. Civiltech provided recommendations for maintaining access to occupied facilities including creating trucking zones, recommending maintenance of traffic solutions, and providing temporary lighting.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Planning support
  • Traffic study review and analysis
  • Roadway design and redevelopment
  • Coordination with both Village and site owner
  • IDOT permitting and coordination
  • Intersection modifications
  • Traffic signal modifications
  • ADA compliance
  • Maintenance of traffic

Scope of Services

  • Street Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Conceptual Geometric Design


  • Federal
  • Local

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