Village of Glen Ellyn

Park/Sheehan Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Analyzing Pedestrian Crossing at an Offset Signalized Intersection

Village residents expressed concerns that offset intersection approaches were leading to increased risk of conflicts between turning drivers and pedestrians crossing the south leg of Park Boulevard while walking to and from both Park View Elementary School and Glen Crest Middle School. Civiltech was retained to recommend and assist with implementing intersection improvements to enhance the safety of school children crossing at Park Boulevard and Sheehan Avenue.

Revising the Traffic Signal Functions

Civiltech performed traffic and pedestrian counts, conducted field observations, evaluated signal operations, and prepared a report with options to modify the intersection to improve safety. The recommendation was to implement countdown pedestrian signals and leading pedestrian interval (LPI) phasing so that pedestrians can begin crossing the road several seconds before vehicles are given a green signal indication.

Upgrading Traffic Signal Equipment

After reviewing the signal equipment, it was determined that the existing controller and cabinet needed to be replaced to support the proposed timing changes. Civiltech assisted with shop drawing review and provided construction inspection for this work.

Performing Follow-up Safety Studies

With construction complete, Civiltech is conducting a follow-up study to evaluate traffic impacts and pedestrian safety benefits of the improvements. Feedback from area residents and stakeholders to date has been positive.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Certified PTOEs
  • Traffic counts and field observations
  • Analysis of offset intersection approaches
  • Intersection safety improvements
  • Countdown pedestrian signals
  • Leading pedestrian interval (LPI) phasing
  • Upgrading traffic signal equipment
  • Implementation assistance
  • Follow-up study

Scope of Services

  • Traffic Signal Timing Analysis and Optimization
  • Safety Studies
  • Traffic Engineering


  • Local


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