Village of Libertyville

Village of Libertyville Bicycle Plan

Creating Community-Wide Connections for Cyclists of all Ages and Abilities

Civiltech provided Transportation Planning services to develop an accessible, safe, and inclusive bicycle network. The Bicycle Plan provides the Village with a community-wide bike network that will help achieve the vision and goals set forth in the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.

Creating Network Connections

The Civiltech team reviewed existing condition datasets in tandem with community outreach efforts in order to develop a comprehensive network that connects residents and visitors to key destinations like local schools, parks, regional trails, and their thriving downtown. 

Safety and Accessibility

In addition to the network, the project team also identified key intersections and crossing locations that would need improvements to ensure safe and easy access for cyclists. Safety, connectivity, and accessibility considerations were at the forefront of the Plan’s development and resulting recommendations. 

Prioritizing Implementation

Civiltech prioritized potential projects based on realistic engineering feasibility and community-identified preferences, and developed planning-level cost estimates. This process influenced the recommended phasing approach, which provides the Village with a roadmap for network-wide implementation. The team then helped identify possible funding sources and advised on which projects.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Planning for safety and accessibility
  • Creating community connections
  • Intersection safety
  • Implementation feasibility
  • Exploring funding opportunities

Scope of Services

  • Transportation Planning
  • Complete Streets
  • Bicycle Facility Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • GIS
  • Grant Writing


  • Local

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