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Rapid Implementation Improvements — 2021, 2022, and 2023

Rapid Implementation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvements

The City of Milwaukee is working to create safer streets for pedestrians. The existing roadways around the city are wide and lack dedicated pedestrian spaces such as crosswalks. As part of their Rapid Implementation program, the City committed to installing low cost, high impact solutions to various corridors.

Providing Design Engineering Services

Since 2021, Civiltech has been providing Engineering services to design pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements through corridors and standalone intersections. This work includes paint-post bump-outs and bike lane upgrades at locations around the City.

2023 Locations

North Avenue – Cambridge Avenue to Prospect Avenue
Downer Avenue – Edgewood Avenue to Kenwood Blvd
Kenwood Blvd – Cramer Street to Downer Avenue

2022 Locations

Center Street – 58th Street to 32nd Street
Mitchell Street – 13th Street to 6th Street
16th Street (Cesar Chavez Drive) – National Avenue to Greenfield Avenue
The intersection of Pierce Street and Layton Boulevard
The intersection of Lake Drive and Hartford Avenue

2021 Locations

North Avenue – 44th Street to 59th Street
North Avenue – Monroe Street to 15th Street
Villard Avenue – Hopkins Street to 32nd Street
Bremen Street at Locust Street

Evaluating Pedestrian Facilities at Intersections

Civiltech evaluates intersections along some of the corridors to determine where the installation of paint-post bump-outs can be applicable. The project team also used City of Milwaukee standards to implement new crosswalks where warranted.

Including Bikes for a True Complete Streets Improvement

The City is also working to improve bicycle facilities. In 2021, new bike lanes were proposed along the Villard corridor to create and true Complete Streets improvement. Civiltech also provided designs for protected bike lanes as part of the 2023 work. Along North Avenue corridor, blue and green planters located behind the post bollards help visually define the bike lanes.

Rapid Implementation

The projects are called Rapid Implementation as they move quickly from analysis and design to installation. Designs are produced early in the year with installation beginning in late summer.

This Project Incorporates the Following:

  • Rapid implementation of bike and pedestrian safety improvements
  • Low cost, high impact design solutions
  • Full corridor analysis
  • Intersection analysis
  • Three years of improvements
  • Paint-post bump-outs
  • City of Milwaukee pedestrian facility standards
  • Complete Streets design

Scope of Services

  • Traffic Calming
  • Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Bicycle Facility Design
  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimates


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